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BorderLine | Eyeliner Festa Dark Palermo
Venerdì, 10. Maggio 2019, 22:30

Eyeliner Party has been created to bring out the Dark side of Palermo in this era of chaos, The Dj duo Jacka Scharni and Ava Synth come from Berlin for a Night of queered Post-Punk, Oldschool Electronics, Italo-disco, New Romantic, Dark Wave, Goth, Minimal Wave, EBM and the sweet effervescence of the Dark 80's hits in a Berlin Queer Goth Glam Style. Come to Dance, Dance, Dance to the Radio and No tears for the Creatures of The Night in a gloomy atmosphere that only a timeless city as Palermo can revive within its walls the sound of a latent beat among many creatures in the underground side around the city. Save the Date!.

? Jacka Scharni (Keller Queers) (HomoPunk Action) [Berlin]
? Ava Synth (Drag Is Punk) (Keller Queers) [Berlin]